We are looking for some more recent sails for "More panic" #757  ~threemeninaboat

We currently have a suit from Paddy Lewis –Norths from 2010  I guess these along with the mast arrived after he upgraded to Carbon.

The jib is definitely tired. So keen for a presentable Jib and ideally a tidy Main for a metal rig.

We do not do all the clever rig tension stuff  its confusing enough just all sitting on the same side at the same time !

We would also like a proper grown up Osprey spinnaker as we have an antique old rules one that is paper thin and a Flying fifteen one so about 80% full size.

 After our Success at the Birkett  - Three man boat wins Birkett 2019!

 (not us! But we made top 100) we are keen to improve .

 Ideally ready for Bass week  and then Carsington and maybe Kielder opens

Thanks for your help

Gavin Goodall
Tel  01952 884502

Mob 07773 781498

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